A butcher is for life not just for Christmas!

Keith counter
Our butcher, Keith, serving very happy customers!

It’s been plain to see the trend for consumers to shop around more, no longer loyal to just one supermarket.  Only the other day my father was telling me how friends of his will purchase their weekly shopping list from many different stores. It has almost got to be a bit of a game seeing how much they can save! Many of us cannot afford the luxury of spending so much time shopping but it has got me thinking ……………

In this race to save some money we have seen the discount retailers growing their market share at the expense of the supermarkets, but statistics show not, it seems, at the expense of retailers offering quality produce with true provenance such as butchers and farm shops.  This is great news for me as a farmer come retailer!

When it comes to meat sales at Lisa’s Larder my savvy customers, who have concern for animal welfare, husbandry and food miles, prefer to buy better but less often maybe reserving meat for treats and special occasions.  This is perfect for my “pop up” once a month concept which is quite hard to explain to the retail gurus.

For those who do prefer a “meat and two veg” meal everyday. I urge you to make use of your local traditional butchers and farm shops.  Their wealth of knowledge will save you money in the long run and prevent a freezer full of unidentified, badly wrapped meat brought on a “buy one get one free” deal that eventually will be thrown out two years later (come on admit it we’ve all done it).

Some of my peers have told me they are nervous of standing in line and asking for something, particularly when purchasing by weight.  Feel embarrassed if it comes up on the scales way over budget and too ashamed to say so!  But if you want to feed your family a product that has not been intensively reared, traveled the world and tastes delicious in a way that only such meat can.  Then hide your nerves hold your head up high and go through the door, have a laugh with them, let them guide you.  Sure enough you will be adding your local butcher or farm shop to the top of  your now very long list of shopping destinations.  My advice though is to leave the toilet rolls and bin bags to those discount retailers – love them or loathe them – who can beat a bottle of Lidl Prosecco!

L x